The dandelion is also known as buttercup or dandelion in Germany. It owes its name to its long, jagged leaves, which resemble the teeth of a lion.

Taste. The taste of dandelion leaves is slightly tart with an interesting spicy note due to the bitter substances they contain. The older the leaves become, the more bitter they usually taste.

Effect. Even today, the dandelion is used in the field of natural medicine for numerous ailments. Medicinally, the bitter substances contained in the herb and root are of particular importance and are used above all for complaints in the stomach area as well as for general digestive disorders. Dried dandelion leaves are considered a proven home remedy for mild to moderate liver and bile complaints. The effect of dandelion can therefore have appetizing, metabolism-stimulating, draining, antispasmodic, gastric juice-stimulating, anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties and healing effects.

Source: www.kraeuter-buch.de