Caliber 1844
The Boar Distillery in the Black Forest

Handmade quality
in our own distillery – by tradition since 1844

The story of the BOAR distillery in the Black Forest is that of a simple, down-to-earth wish: only being satisfied by the best. Only the finest botanicals and purest raw materials find a selected place in our composition for enjoyment – in every note, every nuance, in every moment. The Black Forest deep well water sipped from our own well lends our distillates a particular mildness, mineral-rich, natural.

All of our products are handcrafted and produced in small batches – the way our family has always done it since 1844. This natural, inimitable identity and an innovative spirit are the soul of our native home, our distillery – our distillates.

Known beyond the valley's borders


Andreas Kessler and his wife "Kräuterfrenz" Franziska were one of the first distilleries to produce the finest herbal liqueurs based on Black Forest kirsch since our family distillery was founded in 1844. Cold macerated, the Black Forest kirsch extracted the flavors from local berries and herbs and made the liqueurs famous far beyond the valley. They were so well known that they were soon sold in fine wine and spirits stores in Karlsruhe and Freiburg. All distillates on our farm were mineralized with the mineral enriched mountain spring water from our own spring at that time too.

The picture shows our home Bad Peterstal anno 1876

Made by hand with a lot of love


In 2019 we are celebrating our 175th anniversary of distilling. In honor of the founder of our court distillery in 1844, his innovative spirit and in memory of this grand day in September 1876, we are reinterpreting this Black Forest liqueur made from 18 aromatic berries and 44 local herbs. The basis is not Black Forest kirsch, as it was back then, but BOAR Gin, the world's record award-winning gin, refined and harmonized with the Black Forest Burgundy truffle. Cold macerated and stored in oak barrels, this Black Forest liqueur matures into a very special format: a genuine caliber from the Black Forest.

The portrait of the Black Forest boar in imperial robes stands for our region, our distillery and a majestic drinking culture. Our distillery's eponym and icon is a soul mate from the Black Forest's untouched forests – the wild Black Forest boar.

Over 1,000 distilleries in a tiny space


The Rench Valley has been distilling for almost 300 years. The bishop of Strasbourg, Cardinal Armand Gaston de Rohan, allowed the inhabitants of the Rench Valley to distil cherries in 1726. Farmers were to be provided with a further source of income in order to boost the region's economic situation. For the authorities it was an additional source of income through tax levies. By doing this he founded the distilling tradition that is still practiced by many farmers and smallholders today. There are still more than 1,000 distilleries in a radius of just 10 km today. The highest density of distilleries in Europe can be found here in the Rench Valley and nowhere is the knowledge of this ancient craft more extensive. Andreas Kessler founded the distillery on our Black Forest farm in 1844. He and his wife Franziska (Kräuterfrenz) were among the first liquorists to produce a Black Forest herbal liqueur with cherries from their own orchards and local berries and herbs. Even then, people were aware of the spirit formats produced.