The King's Caliber

This great recipe is from Jolien Hackett, a bartender from the Ivy Pho House Bar in Vienna, who has come up with something great with our Black Forest herbal liqueur. A cocktail that from now on no bar should be without.


6 cl Caliber 1844
2 bar spoons Dom Benedictine
1 cl Hennessy VSOP
3 cl cranberry juice
6 fresh ginger slices
fresh mint
4 to 6 raspberries
2 to 4 blackberries
Ice cube


First, pour our CALIBER 1844, Dom Benedictine, Hennessy VSOP and cranberry juice into a shaker and shake well. Then strain the cocktail double strained into a tumbler on the rocks. Finally, add the fresh fruit and ginger and decorate the glass with mint. Cheers!